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3rd Generation iPod Shuffle Released

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I’m a big fan of Apple for all the eye-candy and quality it brings with its products. Something like that has happened again with the launch of the all new third generation iPod Shuffle!

Earlier this month, Apple launched the new Mac mini, Mac pro etc. but wasn’t received well by the consumers beucase of the sky-high prices. But things are different with iPod Shuffle.

The all new third generation iPod Shuffle has shrunk to half the size of what it previously was. Comparing this redesign with the second generation iPod Shuffle, Apple has retained the clip but have taken out the buttons. It even changed the shape from the usual square to a fine rectangle. And have doubled up the storage up to 4 GB!

iPod Shuffle is still the smallest music player and apart from all the sexy eye-candy, a new feature addition has been made called VoiceOver. Using this feature, you can now search for your favourtie songs by just telling the iPod of its track or artist name. This gets over the lack of display problem. VoiceOver recognizes 14 languages.

And as I previously mentioned, there are no music control buttons on the iPod Shuffle! The new iPod earphones can do it all. You can increase/decrease volume, play, pause, forward or play next, previous tracks right from the control givien on the earphones.

In my opinion, keeping in view the storage Apple offers, the $80 is one of the best iPod Shuffle deals they have ever offered. Anyone looking for less-capacity music player should not miss this one! It is available in silver and black colours.

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