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ASRock Multibook G22 Laptop - Intel Dual Core Processor

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ASRock has launched a new Laptop name the model ASRock Multibook G22.ASRock Multibook G22 is a 12.1" Laptop that features the dual core Atom 330 processor, NVIDIA Ion, 2GB of RAM, multitouch trackpad, widescreen 12.1-inch with 1366 x 768 display.Other features include a 10-in-1 card reader,hard drive 320GB , VGA and HDMI, 802.11n, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and a DVD burner.ASRock Multibook G22 Laptop weighs 3.3 pounds without battery, and measures more than an inch thick.

* Intel Dual Core Atom 330 processor
* NVIDIA ION chipset
* 12.1" display at 1,366 x 768 resolution
* 320GB hard drive
* 10-in-1 memory card reader
* 56k modem
* Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
* DVD burner
* VGA port, three USB 2.0 ports, HDMI output, audio jacks and Ethernet connectivity

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Sony VAIO W Series Netbook with Built-in Cam

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Sony VAIO W Series Netbook comes with a built-in webcam, Bluetooth and 802.11b/g/n.Sony VAIO W Series Netbook will be available at a price of US $499.

Sony has released its latest VAIO with the W series netbook.Sony VAIO W Series comes with 1GB of RAM, 160GB hard drive, Intel Atom N280 processor and Windows XP.Sony VAIO W Series Netbook comes with a a high-resolution 16:9 (1366×768) display.Sony VAIO W Series Netbook will be available in pink, white and brown.The interior of the white and brown netbooks will have a silver finish that complements the exterior colors.The pink W’s interior will have a silver-pink finish.

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Nokia Surge

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Nokia Surge - available smartphone Nokia Surge is equipped with advanced horizontal QWERTY-keyboard, Bluetooth, FM-tuner, mp3-player, 2-MP camera and a slot for memory cards microSD. Smartphone has a predefined JuiceCaster application and HTML-browser with Adobe Flash for easy work with social networks and videohostingami (, YouTube, etc.). Mobile phone Nokia Surge would work in chetyrehdiapazonnyh networks and GSM networks dvuhdiapazonnyh HSDPA (3,6 Mbit / s). Price smartphone Nokia Surge is $ 79.99, subject to conclusion of a two-year contract with AT & T.

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Getac 9213 Laptop with shock-protected HDD

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Getac has recently launched its new laptop with the model Getac 9213.The Getac 9213 durable notebook is designed to survive all types of travel-related mishandlings.As a business notebook powered by the latest ultra low voltage 45nm Intel Core 2 Duo processor, Getac 9213 Laptop is a 1.7 kg unit that provides a combined advanced solution of a TPM security module, a fingerprint scanner, and a shock-protected HDD.Getac 9213 Laptop combines Intel a/g/n WLAN, Bluetooth 2.1 with an optional 3.75G HSUPA module.Other features include a 1.3M pixels webcam as well as 2 digital mic arrays.Getac 9213 Laptop is available at a price of US $1,799.

* Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo SU9400 (1.40GHz, 800MHz FSB, 3MB Cache)
* Screen: 1280 x 800 WXGA (Glossy finish)
* Memory: 3GB DDR2 RAM (2GB x 1GB)
* Storage: 160GB Fujitsu 5400rpm HDD
* Optical Drive: DVD+/-RW
* Wireless: Intel 5300AGN, Bluetooth 2.1
* Graphics: Intel X4500M Integrated
* Built-in web camera
* Battery: 6-cell 11.1 58Wh
* Dimensions: (LxWxH) 12.64 x 8.98 x 0.79- 1.14"
* Weight: 3lbs 9.6oz
* Starting Price: $1,799
* OS: Windows Vista Business (SP1)

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Computer Vs. Hindi Films

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1) Pentium III & Pentium I - Bade miyan and Chhote miyan.

2) Computer infected by Virus - Pyar to Hona hitha.

3) Mouse - Jaanwar.

4)F1 - Guide.

5) Esc - Nau Do Gyarah.

6) Ctrl+Alt+Del - AkhriRastaa.

7) CrtlC + CtrlV - Duplicate.

8)Undo - Aa ab lautchale.

9) Super User Password - Gupt.

10) BackUp - Jaagteraho.

11) UPS - Janta Hawaldar.

12) Server -Godfather.

13) Proxy Server - Padosan.

14) Security -Nakabandi.

15) Storage - Tehkhana.

16) Storage capacity -Badhti ka naam Dadhi.

17) Computer without RAM - KoraKagaz.

18) Computer whose OS is DOS - Buddha mil gaya.

19) System which frequently requires bootable disk - Sharabi.

20) DumbTerminal - Anari.

21) Hard disk and Floppy disk - Gharwaali Baharwaali.

22)CPU - Ghar ho to esa

23)Pendrive - Chupa rustam

24)Webcam - Tisri Annkh

25)Processor - Krishh

26)Joystick - Hangama

27)Printer - Full & final

28)LCD - Jane hoga kya

29)Duel core - Suparman

30)Core 2 Duo - Hanuman

31)Speaker - main prem ki diwani hun

32)CCTV Camera - Shhh.... koi hai.

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15 Top Windows XP Secrets

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1. Useful key shortcuts available:

- Windows key + D - shows the desktop
- Windows key + M - minimizes all open windows
- Windows key + Shift + M - maximizes whole enchilada open windows
- Windows key + E - Runs Windows Explorer
- Windows key + R - shows the RUN dialog
- Windows key + F - shows Search window
- Windows key + Break - shows System Properties box
- Windows key + TAB - Go fini taskbar applications
- Windows key + PAUSE Display the System Properties dialog box
- Windows key + U Unlatched Lift Executive
- ALT + TAB - Cycle through opened applications
- Hold down CTRL while dragging an item to Copy it
- CTRL + ESC Exhibition the Inauguration menu
- ALT + ENTER View the properties for the selected item
- F4 key Display the Address bar list leadership My Computer or
- NUM LOCK + Asterisk ( * ) Expo all of the subfolders that are under the selected folder

2. Pair Windows to protect computer
You can melt Windows to protect the computer when leaving the station succulent by creating a scheme with the corridor rundll32. exeuser32. dll, LockWorkStation. The Windows key + L is also a shortcut to this feature.

3. Edit sysoc. inf to list all software
To show thoroughgoing software that can be removed from your computer ( including protected Windows services ), you can manually edit ( using notepad for model ) the sysoc. inf file located in Windows \ inf \. Just remove the word hide next to the software bring.
* Note * - use this at your own risk. Removing critical components of the system will make Windows instable.

4. Windows XP comes with IPv4 and IPv6
Windows XP comes both IPv4 and IPv6 support. To enable IPv6, you can originate the protocols needed with the command " ipv6 install " in the command - prompt. Then type ipv6 /? to see the options. The installation will not remove the IPv4 protocols so your stock configuration will still work.

5. Access Task Manager with shortcut
To access the Task Manager easier, you answerability make a shortcut that points to % windir % \ system32 \ taskmgr. exe.

6. Stop treating ZIP files like Folders
If you don't want your Windows XP to treat ZIP files like folders, you can disable this component by lofty regsvr32 / u zipfldr. dll at the command prompt or Run dialog. If you start missing it, you encumbrance enable solid by typing regsvr32 zipfldr. dll.

7. Run program as diffrent user
You obligation run a program as a different user. Moral click an application and select Run As command.

8. Switch users leaving applications opened
You can switch users leaving the applications opened too ( * NOTE * advantage this only when needed since live could lead to system instability ).
Snap to Task Manager - processes and end the process explorer. exe. This will end only your session and not all applications. Then go to Applications tab, click New task and type runas / user: domainname \ username explorer. exe. A password prompt will appear to login to the desired username. The user's session will start, with all your previously applications running.
I recommend to unlatched first a command - line prompt and type runas /? to see uncut the options available.

9. Rename multiple files in Windows at once
Rename multiple files in Windows at once. Select them all, right click and select Rename. Enter the desired name. They will mean renamed using what you specified, with a number in brackets to distinguish them.

10. Task kill feature in Windows
Windows has a task kill feature similar to Linux. Go to a command prompt and drop the power tasklist to see running processes hole up PID numbers. Then type tskill to end the specific task. This forces an instant closing of the chore.

11. Edit features with GPEDIT. MSC
You can edit many features by running gpedit. msc. You can add ledger on / observation off scripts here and many features.

12. Edit accounts weight the command prompt
You can edit accounts by gangling " control userpasswords2 " at the command prompt.

13. Use systeminfo. exe to see System Information
You can habit the systeminfo. exe command in the command prompt to see System Information, including all Windows updates besides hotfixes.

14. Disable system services for maximum performance
There are system services that you can disable to free unfolding the system's load. To access the interface that permits you to make changes to system's services, standing services. msc and the command prompt.
This is a list of services that are * usually * useless and can be safely disabled.
Application Layer Gateway Service,
Application Management
Automatic Updates
Background Intelligent Transfer
Distributed Fasten Tracking Client
Distributed Transaction Coordinater
Error Reporting Service
Fast User Switching Compatibility
IMAPI CD - Relucent
Indexing Benefit
IPSEC Services
Net Logon
Net Meeting
Remote Desktop Sharing
Network DDE
Network DDE DSDM
Portable Media Serial Numeral
Remote Desktop Help Session Executive
Remote Registry
Secondary Logon
SSDP Discovery Service
Uninterruptible Power Vouchsafe
Universal Plug and Play Device Host
Upload Manager
Wireless Zero Framework
WMI Performance Adaptor

* NOTE *: Make sure you don't need them since some applications you're using could depend on them. If you make any application to fail by disabling any of the services, go back and enable unaffected again.

15. Keep up Windows XP by using the XP installation CD
If your system failes to start due to an error related to missing HAL. DLL, invalid Boot. ini or any other critical system boot files you can repair this by using the XP installation Video. Simply boot from your XP Setup CD and allow for the Recovery Console. Then run " attrib - H - R - S " on the C: \ Boot. ini file and delete it. Run " Bootcfg / Rebuild " and then Fixboot.

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Olympus Mju Tough-6010 Digital Camera

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Olympus has introduced its latest Digital Camera for the special photographers and named the model Olympus Mju Tough-6010.Olympus Mju Tough-6010 features a 12-megapixel shooter, 3.6x optical zoom, 2.7-inch LCD, dual image stabilization, ISO sensitivity of up to 1600, xd-Picture Card and MicroSD support and the TAP Control Mode seen in previous models.The camera can go10 feet underwater, withstand temperatures of as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit and you can drop it from up to 5 feet.Olympus Mju Tough-6010 Digital Camera will be available in UK from the end of this month at a price of £299.

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HTC Touch Pro2 windows mobile smartphone

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HTC Touch Pro2 windows mobile smartphone:
HTC has announced its new windows mobile smartphone named the model HTC Touch Pro2.The HTC Touch Pro2 features a touch screen and a full QWERTY keyboard.This is a Windows Mobile smartphone which includes conference call management tools and good call quality.

HTC Touch Pro2 also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.HTC Touch Pro2 is a great device for power and business users with 3G support.

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Make your site more optimizied in search engines, with the help of keywords

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There are a lot of things to analyze on your site before you start optimizing your site. Such things are your site overview, nature of business, home page, site dimension and number of pages, product/services categories, page rank and indexed pages for major search engines, link popularity, and a lot more. After that you will go to your onpage and offpage optimization.

Analyze your site and think of a generic word that best fits for your web site. Choosing the right keywords is a strategy for better search engine positioning Analyze your business carefully and think of all the words that relate to your company or product. Most techniques to improve your search engine rankings have one thing in common — Keywords. Choosing appropriate keywords is very important. Keywords are what lead search engine users to your site.

That word will act as your major keyword for your site. Then find a keyword tool that will help you generate keywords for your site. There are lots of keyword tools like Type in the major keyword that you had thought of and it'll list all related keywords that you can use. On the tool you'll see the number of counts your keyword has been searched. Person new on search engine optimization might use the keyword with a lot of counts (I, sure did that before) immediately but SEO experts says that Do NOT use it for a start as keyword searched as many times will just give you a lot of competition and give your site less probability in regards to your visitors. So it is best to start with keywords with a little rivalry. Get some traffic with those keywords and eventually focus on the major keywords.

Examine those sites ranked from 1-10 on the keywords you chose to use in optimizing your site. Check everything about the site that is ranked highly on the search engine. Its URL, see if it is the top level webpage or it is the index page of the site as if it is not you can have a great chance to improve your index page for the target keyword and have a better placement in the SERP's. Sites page rank. Page rank is Google's way of giving specific value to how popular your website is. It is based on the number of links you have pointing to your website. Then check their page source, see if their actually optimizing their site for some onpage optimization factors. Factors such as title tag, check if they use the keyword on their title tag which is one of the main reasons why a site is rank well on search engine. Header tags are used to separate topics and range from h1 being very large and bold and h6 which is very small and bold, it should contain your most important keyword or keyword phrases to assist you in ranking higher on Search Engines. Image alt tags are words that will be displayed in place of your image through an older browser or when your visitors have their image turned off, insert a readable keyword phrase within the alt tags of your image and it'll help you on your rankings. And on the main content if they use the keyword on the beginning and at the end of the page, also whether or not they've bolded, underlined, or italicized the keywords on that page. By continuing this process on other keywords that you've chose you will have an improved ranking on SERPs.

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Benheck Xbox 360 Portable Laptop Revision 5

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Benheck has launched a new potable laptop with the model Benheck Xbox 360 Revision 5.Benheck Xbox 360 Laptop.Benheck Xbox 360 laptop comes with a 17-inch widescreen LCD monitor, running at 720p resolution.Benheck Xbox 360 has better ventilation, and adds an Ethernet port for wired network access.Benheck Xbox 360 laptop includes a flush-mounted DVD drawer, and manages to keep the familiar Xbox 360 light ring intact, mounted into the surface of the console, alongside the console’s control buttons and flanked by a pair of tiny stereo speakers.

* Built-in Ethernet port, finally.
* Built-in WiFi adapter, as usual.
* Digital pushbutton volume control rather than a clunky knob. I used a different audio amp as well, and it sounds a lot better.
* Flush-mount DVD door and side panels (such as the memory card slots)
* IR sensor for the remote control.
* Two user USB ports.
* More air holes!
* Jasper motherboard.

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ASUS T91 tablet netbook now in USA

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ASUS is going to launch its T91 tablet netbook to US markets.ASUS T91 tablet netbook features 8.9inch touchscreen a 1024×600 resolution, Intel Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM, GPS, and even a built-in TV tuner, storage capacities are up to 16GB, which can be expanded via a secondary 16GB add-on card.there is also a 3G connection comes standard along with 802.11n wireless.

* 8.9-inch swivel display
* 1.33 GHz Intel Z520 Atom CPU
* Intel US15W chipset
* 36GB storage(16GB SSD, 20GB online storage)
* 3-in-1 card reader
* 2 USB ports
* 0.3MP webcam
* Windows XP Home

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Cool Begger (Rapping)

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Elegant Ash

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Sardar ji Jokes

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Duniya mein bewafaon ki kami nahin hai.
Ab suraj ko hi dekh lo-
Aata hai Usha ke saath,
Rehta hai Kiran ke saath,
Aur jaata hai Sandhya ke saath!

Mad dog is chasing a sardar. The sardar laughs while running. Know why?
He says mera mobile to Airtel hai phir bhi Hutch ka network follow kar
raha hai.
A for apple. B for bada apple. C for chota apple. D for dusra apple. E
for ek aur apple. F for fokat ka apple. G for gol apple. H for ho gaya na pet kharab khake itne apple.
The positive thinking poem.
Little birdy in the sky,
You look up and it shits in your eye.
You don't mind and you don't cry,
You just thank God that cows don't fly.

Sardar Apni Wife Ke Sath Coffee Shop Gaya, hot Coffee order Ki, Coffee
Atte Hi wife Se Bola Jaldi Jaldi pee. Wife Boli Kyu?
Sardar Bola Hot coffe Rs. 5 and Cold Coffee Rs. 10.00

Sardarji went to party and introduced his family to his friends. I am
Sardar and this is sardarney, this is my kid and this is my kidney.
Sardar 2 Salesman, I Need Pink curtains for my computer.
Salesman Sardarji Computer Doesnt Need Curtains.
Sardarji: Oye i have windows installed.
Nurse: Sardarji Mubarak Ho Aap Papa Ban Gaye!!
Sardar: Meri Wife Ko Mat Bolna Main Usse Surprise Dunga

Safed Sari Par Tum Lal Bindi Lagati Ho,
Khuda Kasam Ambulance Nazar Aati Ho,
Vo Ghayal Ko Lekar Jati Hai,
Tum Ghayal Kar Jati Ho!!!

Why does sardarji open his lunch box while Walking on the road?
To Check if he is going to work or Coming Back

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Simplify using your mouse: change double-click to single-click

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When you browse the Web with Microsoft Internet Explorer, links open with a single click. Yet, when you browse My Computer or My Documents, a single click lets you select a file or folder, but you have to double-click to open it.

If you'd rather single-click to open files and folders, you can change the setting on your mouse (don't worry, this process doesn't require any double clicks).

To change the settings on your mouse


Click Start, and then click My Computer.

2.Click Tools, and then click Folder Options.

3.Click Single-click to open an item. Then, click OK.

'Now you can navigate folders and open files with a single rather than a double click. If you need to select a file, simply hold your mouse over the file for a few seconds without clicking.
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Cristiano Ronaldo's Presentation to Real Madrid

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Nokia 5530 XpressMusic

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Nokia seems heralding a latest touchscreen – Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, which is splendidly a fusion of greater functions like, downloadable free Nokia games, free Nokia themes, free Nokia applications n many more add-ons.

This latest 5530 is having a unique feature that lends 20 buddy’s close-ups, emails, phone calls, and multiple social media add-extras. Although 5530 has not reached to the open house, yet ready to tread upon the footsteps of 5800, yet in view of the fact that, it is equipped with advanced nuts and bolts, it appears that it will play major role in the open houses and attract an overwhelming number of people.

Primarily 5530 is a subtle statement of smarter abilities and utilities that can aptly complement joy in your life, assist to solve high computational complexities by dint of its advanced and updated downloadable software, and provide support in coordinating with your busy schedule–duly assisting you interlink to the surrounding and outer world without any slightest comprise on quality, speed, and efficiency.

What do you expect from 5530, yet what it is lacking, I think almost all features – which you frequently need, appear provided in one phone set. Firstly it is offering remarkable and multiple features, secondly offering highly low price that is aimed not to disregard anyone in this scuttle.

This latest model is added with a 74mm (2.9-inch) touchscreen, a 3.2 megapixel camera, 70MB internal memory, that would also be added with a 4GB microSD card for recording music), a 3.5mm headphone socket, stereo Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the usual roster of mid-range Nokia add-extras. Do you need any more, I think you might be smiling to see its conveniences and might have fell in the spell of this latest cell phone.

5530 additionally lends MP3, AAC and WMA music that includes iTunes plus downloads, and basic MPEG for videos, either. 5530 is identical in many ways to its precursor 5800, firstly for its frontal look, secondly for many other functions, either. It is a matter of greater joy, that it is priced lower and making it a gadget – affordable for the mid-tier punters stratum.

So never feel grim, you will never be left with a feature of mere phone ringing – Nokia understands, cares and manages for the rest of errands of its valued punters, thus realistically speaking, what it has produced is rendering very splendid features and helps to keep you always smiling. Am I right, yeah, why not!!!

Technical Features:
Network: GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900
Screen: TFT, 16.7 million colors, 360 x 640 pixels, 2.9 inches, Proximity sensor for auto turn-off, Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate, Handwriting recognition
Weight & Dimension: 107 g, 3.77 oz., (104 x 49 x 13) mm, (4.09 x 1.93 x 0.51) inc.
Memory & Processor: Unlimited entries: with multiple contact storage entries
Internal memory: 70 MB
Expansion slot: microSD (TransFlash), 4 GB included, up to 16GB, ARM 11 processor

Data Service & Connectivity:
GPRS Class 32
EDGE Class 32
WLAN: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP
MicroUSB v2.0

Ring tones:
MP3, Polyphonic, Vibration

3.15 MP, 2048 x 1536 pixels, Auto focus, Digital zoom, Video recording

Standard battery:
Li-Ion 1000 mAh(BL-4U), Stand by time up to 351 hours, Talk time around 5 hours.

Other Features:
SMS, MMS, Email, IM
Symbian OS v9.4, Series 60 rel. 5
Nokia Maps 3.0
RSS feeds
Voice memo
T9 text feature
Photo editor
Stereo FM-Radio
Document editor (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF)
Music player: MP3, AAC+, WAV, MPEG4, WMV, 3GP

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Introduction To Google adsence

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Google AdSense matches ads to your site's content, and you earn money whenever your visitors click on them. Google's spider crawls webpages containing the adsense code, and delivers ads that are relevant to the site, audience and the specific content on the page.

Adsense works in conjunction with Google Adwords, selecting ads to display on your site from Adwords' massive advertiser database. And since Google provides the ads, you don't have to worry about mantaining relationships wit individual advertisers.

Simple explanation - Google collects ad information from webmasters who want to advertise their sites. These advertisers bid on keywords and create text or image ads related to their purchased keywords. These ads are stored by Google. Now you sign up for adsense and add te adsense code to pages on your website. If te content on your page matches keywords purchased by any advertisers, those specific ads are displayed on your site pages by the ad sense code.

Detailed below is information on adding adsense to your site, and tips for optimizing performance of ads and maximizing revenue from Google Adsense.

Implementing Adsense

. Just to be clear, the above diagram is not official, or verified to be correct. No one outside Google knows exactly how Gogle's algorithm works. But it does give a clear picture of how Adsense and Adwords interact, to produce a superlative and unmatched contextual advertising network with a seamless and fully automated system, from accepting ads to displaying them, accepting money from advertisers and paying it out to publishers.

Let's get down to how to implement Google adsense on your website. It's a simple matter of signing up with adsense, specifying options such as link units, text and background color options and then copying the code and pasting it on your website templates, or if you are not using templates, on specific pages. This however, does not get the cash register go ka-ching, even if you have healthy traffic. The main reason is that Adsense is now so universally known, that just about everyone wo uses the internet knows that it is an advertisement, and the first reaction from visitors to your site is to ignore the adsense ads.

You need to do some trail and erroe and find out three or four combinations of ads and locations on your pages, where the ads work and you get more clicks. I say 3 or 4 combinations, beacuse once you have a successful combination of winning ads and locations, your visitors, over a period of time, say one month or two months, will start ignoring the ads. Then its time to change the ads and move to the next winning combination. That's why you need at least 3 or 4 combinations of well designed ads, placed in locations which entice clicks. Google as comipled a helpful guide to optimize adsense ad performance, for specific kinds of pages, such as blogs, forums, etc. You can view the guide here. If you have multiple sites, you can use the same adsense code, or PIN, to place ads on all sites, and monitor and tweak the performance and earnings from each, by means of using channels and filters.


Generally speaking, Adsense will make you enough to pay your hosting charges, but not enough to help pay your mortgage. The cents keep coming everyday, and it slowly collects into dollars. If you want a lot of dollars from adsense, there's two simple things you can do. Increase your traffic, or start dozens of sites. Ad performance notwithstanding, if a 100 visitors make you $4, 1000 visitors will make you $40. Simple as that. And finally, Google will pay, only by check, and only when the amount reaches $100. Update : supermom_in_ny points out that Google also pays by direct deposit to your bank.

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How to Rename the Recycle Bin

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To change the name of the Recycle Bin desktop icon, open Regedit and go to:


and change the name "Recycle Bin" to whatever you want (don't type any quotes).

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Sprint promises to release 3G Femtocell in US

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Sprint’s bringing out the big words by boasting to Unstrung it’ll be beating everyone to the market with its 3G femtocell solution. Company VP of device and technology development Mathew Oommen is pretty light on some of the finer details — like actual release date, hardware supplier, pricing scheme, and pretty much every other piece of information we’d want — but he did imply there’d be multiple options available for the CDMA EV-DO Rev. A extender, including a device more tailored for enterprise use…..

Femtocell is a small personal base station that you could use at home to improve indoor coverage. It looks similar to a WiFi router and you need a broadband connection to use it. All your calls and data will then be routed to your mobile operator servers via the Internet while you are under a Femtocell coverage. In simple words, you get cheaper calls for setting up your own base station.

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Pictures Of LG Decoy Mobile Phone

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LG Decoy Specifications:

Cellular technology CDMA2000 1X
Band / mode CDMA2000 1X 1900/800
Weight 4.1 oz
Wireless Interface Bluetooth (A2DP)

Service provider Verizon Wireless
Vibrating Alert
Voice Recorder
Polyphonic Ringer
Alarm Clock
Digital Camera resolution of 2 megapixels
Still image resolution 1600 x 1200

Messaging / Data Services
Voice Mail Capability
Short Messaging Service (SMS)
Internet Browser
Messaging / Data Features
3G Services
Digital Player / Recorder
Display Type LCD display
Automatic Redial
Call Divert
Call Barring
Call Timer
Caller ID
Call Waiting
Volume Control
Ringer Control
Conference Call Capability
Computer Link
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