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Benheck Xbox 360 Portable Laptop Revision 5

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Benheck has launched a new potable laptop with the model Benheck Xbox 360 Revision 5.Benheck Xbox 360 Laptop.Benheck Xbox 360 laptop comes with a 17-inch widescreen LCD monitor, running at 720p resolution.Benheck Xbox 360 has better ventilation, and adds an Ethernet port for wired network access.Benheck Xbox 360 laptop includes a flush-mounted DVD drawer, and manages to keep the familiar Xbox 360 light ring intact, mounted into the surface of the console, alongside the console’s control buttons and flanked by a pair of tiny stereo speakers.

* Built-in Ethernet port, finally.
* Built-in WiFi adapter, as usual.
* Digital pushbutton volume control rather than a clunky knob. I used a different audio amp as well, and it sounds a lot better.
* Flush-mount DVD door and side panels (such as the memory card slots)
* IR sensor for the remote control.
* Two user USB ports.
* More air holes!
* Jasper motherboard.

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