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2009 AMD Championship Winners

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Considering America's well-known love affair with custom motorcycles, you might think that the Official World Championship of Custom Bike Building would be dominated by U.S.-based builders. Interestingly, though, this year marks the first time the top prize has been won by an American, in this case Dave Cook of Cook Custom Choppers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The winning bike is called Rambler, and it's definitely not the typical custom Harley. In fact, it's not even powered by a V-twin engine. Instead, an air-cooled 550cc four-cylinder engine from International sends power through a modified BMW gearbox and shaft drive to the 21-inch rear wheel. See for yourself in our gallery below.

Second place went to another non-Harley-based custom built by Kris Krome Customs of Freeland, Michigan. Called the Re-flex-tion, the machine is powered by the mill from a Triumph T120. Bronze went to Krugger Speedshop from Belgium for its S&S-powered Overmile. Hit the jump for the official press release and click here for a complete rundown of winners.

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